Bethe San
Beautiful Wedding Bridal Bouquets and Boutonnieres

About the Artist

Bethe San Terry Cunningham has been creating unique and wonderful artwork her entire life.  Born into a New Mexico ranching family, the daughter of wonderfully creative parents, Bethe San's artwork has been featured and sold in galleries and shops from Santa Fe to Disneyland.

When it came time for her daughter Rana to get married, she asked her mother to create her wedding bridal bouquet.  There was one request.  The bridal bouquet along with the maid of honor bouquet and bridesmaid bouquets could not contain any flowers. 

Quickly Bethe San found a new kind of challenge...creating fine art in the form of exquisite bridal pieces.  What began as a simple request became something quite extraordinary. 

Pictured here, Bethe San (in pink) visits her sweet mother Jeanette Ward Terry and her wonderful daughter, Rana Beth Jones Jameson during the wedding that started this latest artistic venture.

With a fun sense of humor, delightfully quirky personality and some good, old-fashioned common sense, Bethe is exactly the kind of person that clients (and we) love.  

Besides, she just gets it...ya know?

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