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Beautiful Wedding Bridal Bouquets and Boutonnieres


Brides Bouquet

No idea is too far out, too quirky or to difficult.  With a special eye for bringing new ideas to time-honored traditions, Bethe San brings a fresh approach to the special moments each bride deserves.

Katy Jade decided her bridal bouquet had to contain no two beads or stones alike.  Turquoise, pearls, crystals and all things in between are combined to create this beautiful bouquet.

Bridal, Maid of Honor, and Bridesmaids Bouquets

These Bouquets will become your family's heirlooms.  Rana's bouquet is now over 4 years old and has been used by many, many family members, as a very special "Something Borrowed".  When not in a beautiful brides hands on her special day, Rana uses her bouquet as a very special centerpiece.

Bridal Bouquet

Four years later, Rana's Bouquet is the perfect accessory for her cousin Kalee's wedding.  This Bouquet is made with pearls, swarovski crystal and beads.  Perfect, again and again...just like Kalee!


At times, it's hard to remember that the big day is a big deal for the groom too.  We make it possible for the groom to put his stamp of uniqueness on the big day.  How about boutonnières made with fishing hooks, poker chips, dice, wood or metal? 

Bethe San and the Love Of Her Life!

Joy and laughter fill the air in and around my studio. Here my husband Cutter tries out a boutonnière.   I would love to help make your day beautiful and special.  I look forward to hearing from you!

                           Best Wishes,

                           Bethe San

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